Thursday, February 24, 2011

On the mend

Last evening I felt like I had emerged from a dense fog. I finally felt well enough to get out of bed, and I took a shower, put on clean clothes, and did some laundry. It was so good to be functional again.

My alarm clock woke me this morning for the first time all week. I hit the snooze twice, then got up, thankful that I felt well enough to be vertical. After lying around out of commission for so long, my limbs were happy to be moving at any speed -- today's speed was "slow." But that was good enough for me! I walked to school slowly, looking around at everything as if it were all brand new. There were some new daffodils that were open (they made me smile), and I saw the first road-kill I've seen on our village road -- a pretty little bird was squished (that made me sad). I wondered how in the world it got hit when no car can possibly drive on this road faster than the bird could fly. Sad, sad.

At school, everyone asked how I was doing -- they were so glad to have me back in classes. I learned a new Georgian word: "uqetesa!" ("I'm better!"), and I said it over and over as every one of my colleagues I hadn't seen yet asked how I was feeling. One of the gym teachers -- a little old Russian man who is very odd -- said that I shouldn't get sick since I am an athlete. I told him that I'm not Superman -- that brought lots of laughs from the ladies.

We still have no heat in the school building. In two of the classrooms I was in today, I could feel the cold start to creep in through any crevice between layers of clothing. I don't usually hold to the idea that being cold makes one sick.....but here, it's a different kind of cold! I think that it may not make one sick, but certainly helps the virus get a hold on a person. I am so glad that the weather will be warming up very soon, otherwise I think I would end up sick again.

It was good to be with my students again today. Their energy gives me energy. Although I was tired by the end of the day, I felt enlivened. I'm sure that I caught whatever I had from one of the 90-some cherubs that I see over the course of a week, but it's alright -- I like them all, and I would rather be at school with sniffly students than at home!

Tomorrow is already Friday -- amazing. This week flew by, and after my first period class tomorrow I am heading to the mountains to meet up with my two favorite travel-companions, James and Katherine. We are meeting in a town called Bakuriani to spend the weekend skiing. Thanks to a very quick recovery, I will be able to participate in our planned "Fun February Weekend." After having such a great time together over our winter break travels, we decided to get together at least one weekend each month to do something together -- and February has lots of snow, so we are going to ski.

Don't worry, I'll bundle-up!

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