Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is a day that I knew would come. It was bound to happen -- with promising to post a blog entry every day for seven months, it had to happen sometime: I have nothing to say today. At least, nothing uplifting, positive, or insightful. The day was pretty depressing.

It was another cold, rainy, hail-filled, snowy, gray day.

Across the street in the graveyard, a group of men dug a grave today. That must have been a brutal job in the cold wetness of the day. I kept thinking that digging a hole is hard enough work, but digging a grave when the dirt is heavy with water and the air is frigid must be absolutely wretched.

I updated my resume and started looking online for open teaching positions for next year. I'm not sure why that depresses me so much, but it does. Maybe because there are so few positions out there.

I've stared at my keyboard long enough and still have nothing. Tomorrow I'll find something less depressing!!

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  1. just as I was starting to wonder how in the world you find something to write about EVERY DAY.....