Monday, June 13, 2011


I promise that I am staying present.....

But, since I now know that I will be leaving Georgia on June 21 (if all goes as planned....), I made a little list of the things that I do regularly.... and how many more times I will do them before I leave.

2 more dance classes

4 more days of school

1 more conversation group

1 more pronunciation lesson

1 more timed-speaking practice

4 more runs

3 more cheese-making episodes (as long as the cows come home)

1 more trip to the library

2 more trips to Zugdidi

2 more rides on the Shamgona marshutka

1 more trip to Tbilisi

7 more blog posts (or 8....)

1 more Georgian weekend

1 more suphra (I think)

1 more monthly report to send to TLG

2 more times to hand-wash my laundry

5 more mornings to wake up to my tiny, battery-operated, Target-specialty alarm clock

8 more days until reverse-culture shock starts its cycle

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