Saturday, May 7, 2011


Is any flower more elegant than wisteria? Bunches of snap-dragon-like blossoms mimic bunches of grapes that hang with delicate grace. Variegated purples cascade from lavender to violet. Sweet perfume heavily scents the air so thickly that it envelops every sense.

Can you ignore an entire tree of royalty? The sheer volume of clusters demands the attention of every passerby. I have been arrested by the sight of a wisteria tree in full bloom several times this spring. Today, at the entrance of Tbilisi's Botanical Gardens was one of those times.

Such unabashed beauty is unequaled in the world of flora or fauna. No matter where you are. In any country. On any continent. 

Royal. Elegant. Delicate. Graceful.


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  1. Wisteria......many mornings I have savored this scent as I pass a couple "groves" on my running routes!