Monday, January 17, 2011


This is the part of traveling that gets me down -- that in-between nowhere-ness. I'm not where I was and I am not yet to where I am going. Taxis, airports, planes, buses, trains, metros, funiculars, and marshutkas - those will be my interior spaces for two days. We left Luxor at 10:30 last night (Sunday) and I should be in Shamgona by Tuesday evening. And I am going to have been on all of those modes of transportation by the time I arrive home.

Home is something that feels far away when I am "in-between." Where I am headed right now is not really home, but then, I don't really know where Home is right now. So I guess I'll have to differentiate between "home" = temporary and "Home" = permanent. Permanent Home will have to wait.

Being in-between is rough on the psyche. Carting around my belongings from one place to another while in transit is work. My bag seems to get heavier the longer the day wears on. There are no Sbarro Pizza places in the airports here (the ones I love to encounter in airports....). My mind is tired of thinking and my eyes are tired of looking. Processing all I see that is different is past being fun while "in-between."

So Turkish Airlines is calling our flight to board and I won't have wireless access until I am in Georgia at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning. I may or may not post then depending on whether or not I can find a quiet enough corner in which to catch a few hours sleep before finding a bus to get me to Zugdidi.....

Until then.... I exist in-between.

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  1. Addendum:
    There is a Sbarro Pizza joint in the airport in Istanbul! Jackpot!