Saturday, April 16, 2011

The fruits of our labor

The first few times I went to a suphra (Georgian party) I wondered how long and how many women it took to make all the food and to prepare everything that needed to be done before everyone showed up for the party. I now know. For a suphra that has 50 guests, it takes 15 women and three days...... I was privileged to be one of those women who cooked and prepared for the party I went to tonight (it was at Koba's cousin, Lika's house).

Since it is already 1 a.m., I will only write briefly about the day and post a few pictures from the night -- tomorrow I want to write about the purpose of tonight's suphra. It was one that is steeped in a tradition that I need a little more time to explore before I post about it.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen helping Tea cook khatchapuri (cheese-filled bread) and a large chocolate cake. Today I joined Tea at Lika's to do whatever needed to be done -- setting the table, decorating with the napkins, filling plates with food, garnishing the plates, making food that couldn't be made ahead of time, cutting up cheese....... We went over at noon...... and just got home.

Since I have already written a few times about the set-up and preparation for a suphra, I'll just let my photos tell the rest of what I want to say for now.

Looking down one of the two large tables that seated the fifty guests.
The details that are considered in setting the table are astounding.

Cutting the stacks and stacks of fresh khatchapuri to place on the tables.

Variations of chocolate cakes that ladies made for the suphra.
The darkest piece in the front is from the cake that Tea and  I made yesterday.

And after a few hours of eating, we spent a few hours dancing..... now I'm tired and my leg hurts. Time for a good night's sleep.

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